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Aluminum PU Polyurethane Composite Panel Plate

The aluminum polyurethane composite panel is composed of two layers of aluminum alloy panels (grades: 1100 or 3003 or 5005 or 5052) or other metals panels, and the middle is injected with flame-retardant polyurethane rigid foam. It is recognized as the best The aluminum polyurethane composite...

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The aluminum polyurethane composite panel is composed of two layers of aluminum alloy panels (grades: 1100 or 3003 or 5005 or 5052) or other metals panels, and the middle is injected with flame-retardant polyurethane rigid foam. It is recognized as the best heat insulation and Thermal insulation material partition in the world today.

It can be used for the roof and wall of various buildings such as large industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, cold storage, purification workshops, etc., integrating heat preservation, g heat insulation, load-bearing, and waterproofing, with rich colors and beautiful appearance.

aluminum polyurethane composite panel

Aluminum polyurethane composite panels have the following properties:

1. Light weight: 6~14kg/m2, easy to install, flexible, no need for large-scale lifting equipment, short construction period, low comprehensive cost.

2.High bearing capacity: It has the characteristics of high strength and high rigidity, and can be used as a load-bearing structure and an enclosure structure.

3. Good thermal insulation: the average thermal conductivity is 0.023w/m.k.

Aluminum PU Polyurethane composite panel

Rigid polyurethane foam has the following properties:

1) Strong bonding force: It can bond firmly on the surface of concrete, wood, steel, asphalt, rubber, etc.

2) Good thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity can reach 0.017-0.023W/m·k, and the thickness of each cm is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 40cm red brick.

3) Good waterproof performance: the closed cell rate is greater than 90%, and the self-skin closed cell rate is 100%.

4) Integral sealing, seamless bonding without cavity, adapt to various shapes of base surface.

5) Dimensional stability is less than 1%, with certain toughness, elongation is greater than 5%, and it will not crack.

6) Density ≥35㎏/m3, compressive strength >400Kpa, strong wind resistance, can bear the weight of 30㎏/㎡ of exterior surface without falling off.

7) Good flame retardancy: Class B1, self-extinguishing and carbonizing after 3 seconds from the fire, will not melt.

Aluminum PU composite panel

The above properties determine the incomparable advantages of sprayed polyurethane rigid foam insulation. In addition, compared with EPS and XPS insulation materials, rigid polyurethane foam has the following characteristics:

1. Thermal insulation performance: thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam is 0.022W/m·k, EPS is 0.041kW/m·k, XPS is 0.028W/m·k.

2. Airtightness: EPS and XPS are bonded with slits and cavities. The outside air can easily circulate through the gaps and cavities, which affects the insulation performance. As far as Dalian area is concerned, the shape coefficient of the 24cm light-body block wall is> 0.3, reaching 65% energy saving, and the heat transfer coefficient of the wall is 0.57. If PU insulation is used, the thickness of the insulation layer is 30 mm, EPS 80 mm, and XPS 60 mm thick ( Considering that the cavity has gaps).

3. Wind resistance and bearing capacity of the opposite brick layer: PU density is 35㎏/m3, tensile bonding strength is 0.3Mpa, and it can fully withstand the negative pressure load of high-rise building exterior walls due to wind. In the dry state, the tensile strength of EPS is only 0.1Mpa, and the adhesive tensile strength after immersion in water is even lower, so generally EPS cannot be used in high-rise buildings.

4. Anti-cracking performance: The thermal insulation stability of PU itself is ±30℃, the dimensional change rate is less than 1%, and the surface will not crack. However, EPS and XPS require 40 days to degrade before they can be used for construction. However, it is difficult to achieve this in practical applications. Therefore, many EPS insulation projects across the country have cracks, cold walls and backwater phenomena.

5. Waterproof performance: PU hard foam closed cell rate is 90%, self-skin closed cell rate is 100%, and EPS and XPS are cavity paste, and water and condensation water can easily penetrate into the room through cracks and cavities.

6. Flame-retardant performance: PU hard foam is self-extinguishing and carbonized from fire; EPS and XPS will drop when exposed to fire and high temperature, causing the wall to fall off.

7. Environmental protection performance: PU foaming agents can be foamed without fluorine or semi-fluorine, but XPS and EPS are difficult to achieve. Most of them are foamed with Freon. Gas volatilization destroys the ozone layer and pollutes the atmosphere.

Application of the hard polyurethane foam plastic

It mainly used in construction, aviation, automobiles, RVs, caravans, etc. as structural materials for heat preservation, sound insulation and light weight.

Polyurethane composite panel


1220x2440mm (STANDARD SPECIFICATION), Other width and Length can be made according to the client’s special requirement.

Panel :standard thickness:25-100mm,

Non standard thickness :13mm-14mm,101-200mm

Both side alu thickness : standard thickness :1-2mm, non standard thickness:0.5mm-1mm, 3mm-5mm

Color:Normal both side white color,other color can be request .

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