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Wood Grain Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel’s Descriptio n Wood Grain Aluminum honeycomb panels of ONEBOND brand are mainly used for the decoration of the external walls of high-rises their military field. These products are made of high-quality raw materials, and processed with high...

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Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel’s  Description Wood Grain Aluminum honeycomb  panels of ONEBOND brand are mainly used for the decoration  of the external walls of high-rises their military field. These products are  made of high-quality raw materials, and processed with high precision.
ONEBOND wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are made of  high-quality imported raw materials, precision. Its surface employs the  advanced technique of fluorocarbon acquire pre-coating, which can keep the  color unchanged for 30 years and its durability has been promised.

Wood Grain Aluminum Honeycomb panel’s Advantages:
The surface of the wood grain Aluminum honeycomb panel is an aluminum alloy  sheet which use ”Fluorocarbon roller coating” process. The center is  honeycomb core, which is in line with U.S. aviation standards. ONEBOND imported  composite techniques, hot pressing and condensation processing from France for  sandwich panel.
Max width:2400mm
Max length:150000mm
Max thickness:500mm

     Technical Details of Honeycomb Panels
Thickness 20mm 24mm
Facing Aluminum Skin 1.00mm
Backing Aluminum Skin 1.00mm
Weight (kg/m²) 7.02 7.12
Mechanics function of complex planking and surface planking
Inertia rectangle (cm⁴/m) 19.85 31.67
Measurement of cutting W (cm³/m) 19 24
Hardness of complex planking 139000 2217000
Aluminum profile surface planking AA5754 (ALMg3)
Changeable measurement (N/mm²) 70000
Tensile strength of surface planking (N/mm²) Rm≥220
0.25 Power of Bending (N/mm²) Rp0.2≥130
Extending rate (EN485-2:1994) A50≥8
Hot expanding of aluminum 2.4mm/m。When the temperature discrepancy is 100℃
Surface decoration layer
Luminosity (Original Data) PVDF Spray and bake paint
Hardness of pencil 30-40%
Pith of honeycomb HB-F
Size of honeycomb density 1/4” 6.3mm
Aluminum honeycomb density About 80kg/m³
Strength of pressure-resistant (MILL-STD-401) 4N/mm²
Function of acoustics
Data of sound sucking as 0.05
Indicator of sound separating (according to ISO717-RM) 23 25
Function of heating
Data of heating  (w/m²k) 2.25 2.7
Data of heating preventing R(1/m)(m²k/w) 0.0089 0.0093
Data of heating passing U (k) (w/m²k) 5.59 5.575

Wood Grain aluminum  honeycomb panel’s Features

1) Excellent fireproof property
2) Super peeling strength
3) Perfect cold resistance performance
4) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
5) Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
6) Even coating, various colors
7) Superior impact resistance
8) Lightweight and easy to process
9) Easy to maintain



Our company

Foshan ONEBOND Building Materials Co.,  Ltd, is a big manufacturing centers located in Guangdong Province of China. We  have the most complete products portfolio in China, covering honeycomb core,  honeycomb sandwich panel, stainless steel honeycomb panel, corrugated aluminum  composite panel, stone honeycomb composite panel and other customized products.
The  company has more than 300 employees, and owns more than 60 large professional  production equipment.
Annual production capacity: aluminum honeycomb core, corrugated core about  4500000 square meters, aluminum honeycomb composite board and other about  1000000 square meters, aluminum curtain wall single board about 300000 square  meters.
ONEBOND  professional brand, with its excellent quality, first-class services,  modern management consciousness, to become the preferred brand at home and  abroad in the construction industry.



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